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Home Decorating Paint Schemes

home decorating paint schemes

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  • (Home Decoration) Painting & Calligraphy Candles Photo & Painting Frames Sculptures Candle Holders

  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

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  • (Paint scheme) A livery is a uniform or other insignia or symbol worn in a non-military context on a person or object (such as an aircraft livery or vehicle) to denote a relationship with a person or corporate body, often by using elements of the heraldry relating to that person or body, or a

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The Home Decorator's Color and Texture Bible: 180 Complete Schemes for a Harmonious Home

The Home Decorator's Color and Texture Bible: 180 Complete Schemes for a Harmonious Home

A comprehensive how-to handbook for combining color and texture with 180 ready-to-use palettes.
This guide for homeowners and professionals offers 180 foolproof combinations for effective colors and welcome textures. Each example is displayed on a single spread using color and texture swatches that clearly show how to create a coordinated decor. The carefully selected palettes include flooring; paint colors and accents; fabrics for furnishings and drapes; and surface colors, textures and materials.
The book provides dozens of options to suit any taste. Each scheme starts with a floor color, whether existing or newly installed. For example, "Country Casual" features a traditional oak floor paired with muted yellow-greens, deep orange and azure blue, plus the textures of green plaid wool and mossy green chenille.
The Home Decorator's Color and Texture Bible features:
Basic color theory
Choosing and combining colors
Traditional floor materials plus newer ones such as bamboo, slate, glass, wenge, smoked oak, rubber, resin, metal
Textures such as chenille, linen, raw silk, cotton, deep pile rug
All fundamental hues, such as red, orange, yellow, strong green, blue.
The Home Decorator's Color and Texture Bible is a valuable compendium of information and inspiration for professionals and homeowners. The lay-flat concealed-wiro binding makes it extra easy to use.

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Smell of Roses

Smell of Roses

Barbara lives in her own flat and receives support from Care Solutions. It means a lot to Barbara to have her own space and she is always looking out for new cushions and other soft furnishings to decorate her home. Barbara buys flowers for her home every week and likes to participate in the housework with her support workers. She has been exploring what her home means to her through photography and painting workshops. Flowers have been the main subject matter of her artwork. Barbara has developed a colour scheme in her sketchbook which helps her decide the colours for her paintings. Barbara has many beautiful paintings hanging in her home which add a very personal touch. Barbara took this photograph as it is one of her favourite places in her home. She called the photograph Smell Of Roses.

Gil's Apartment

Gil's Apartment

Gil shows off his crazy paint scheme in his new home. The previous residents had some interesting decorating tendencies. We were helping him move furniture into the place around the corner from our apartment.

home decorating paint schemes

home decorating paint schemes

Can't Fail Color Schemes--Kitchen & Bath: How to Choose Color for Stone and Tile Surfaces, Cabinets & Walls

Can't Fail Color Schemes--Kitchens and Baths addresses one of the most difficult decorating decisions a homeowner has to make when building or renovating a kitchen or bath: choosing colors for the many permanent--and expensive--materials and finishes. The so-called "safe" neutral route has many pitfalls...all beiges are not equal! As she did in Can't Fail Color Schemes, color expert Amy Wax explains how to look at color specific to stone, tile, laminate products, fixtures, and paint, and provides hundreds of palettes that homeowners can use to inspire and coordinate their own scheme or take along to a home center or showroom.

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